Clean Water Uganda, Safe Drinking Waters, Uganda Water Wells
Clean Water Uganda

Clean Water, Safe Drinking Waters
Uganda Water Wells Project

You can help provide clean, safe water for those less fortunate ...

Join Compassion Care and individuals all over the world as we work to provide clean, safe water for people who have to carry contaminated water long distances, for bathing, cooking and drinking.

There are many examples of people getting sick from using disease infested water. However, it is the only water source many have, and they have no choice but to use it.

They cannot afford to have a well put in, so they use either a communal source of water, or haul water from a pond that is dirty, and disease borne.

The answer. Installing "catch tanks" that can catch rain water during the rainy seasons; installing water wells in a central location so people can have clean, safe water to carry home, over a short distance.

The cost of a well is minimal compared to the number of people it will provide clean safe drinking water. We are not talking "running water", but a well from which they can use a bucket to lift water and put in their own containers.

What is needed?
* Financial Aid for Water Wells and/or "catch tanks"
* A Supplier willing to donate good tanks
* or at least lower the price...
* Prayer

* Help make clean, safe water a reality for the thousands of people in need - through your
Charitable Donations to Compassion Care. This program needs your support to eventually help alleviate water borne diseases and provide a better life.

* Donate to the Clean Water Project (credit cards - PayPal)

Send checks or money orders to:

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Water Project
Kalaiti Village

Clean Water - Safe Drinking Waters - Water Wells


Provide Financial Support
for Clean, Safe Water Wells

[ Click picture to enlarge ]

Pictured is one of two wells
we installed for a school
of 540 students, and,
3 small villages near
the school.

These wells provide clean,
safe water, plus, they save
the students and villagers
time carrying water
over a distance of
2 1/2 miles one way.

The students now have
2 to 3 hours more time
for study and school work.

Because We are All ONE .. Your involvement with COMPASSION-CARE enables the poor to create lasting change for themselves, their families, and their communities and ultimately for the world we all share.

Start building a better world today. Because .. Truly we are ONE people.

Support Compassion-Care .. and help .. Heal the World - One Person at a Time.

Compassion Care Foundation
PO Box 728, Twisp, WA 98856-0728

Clean Water Uganda, Safe Drinking Waters, Uganda Water Wells