Four Lakeland FL Places Of Interest To Visit On Your Trip

The city of Lakeland FL reached a population of 100,000 in recent years, making it a metropolis. You will find great eats there, nice hotels and of course interesting attractions to visit. When you are going to vacation in a city, it helps to know places of interest so that you don’t miss anything. You can’t do it all, but you sure can get a good start by enjoying these four things to do in Lakeland, Florida.

Stop on by Hollis Garden, which is located at 702 East Orange Street. At Hollis Garden, you are overlooking Lake Mirror, and while you are there surrounded by the beautiful landscape, you get to enjoy relaxing classical music. There is a koi pond on site, and reviews say that it is a great place for family photos. If you want to relax with the family, perhaps enjoy a picnic and take some outstanding vacation photos to share, this is the place.

How would you like to go on a safari adventure while you are in Lakeland? Safari Wilderness is the spot, and it is located at 10850 Morton Road. This place is like an animal kingdom. You get to feed all kinds of exotic animals, including a lemur. You have a tour guide showing you around the place, and the admission cost is said to be quite reasonable. Safari Wilderness seems like a fun family adventure.

In a city named Lakeland, you can bet that there is more than just one lake to check out, too. You have been told about Lake Mirror over by Hollis Garden, and there is also Lake Morton and Lake Hollingsworth. At Lake Morton, you can feed the ducks and see the black swans. Royal swans there were actually a gift from Queen Elizabeth to Lakeland FL.

Lake Hollingsworth is known for being a beautiful place to take a stroll. It is also known for bird watching and for being a place to go water skiing. Some people say it is the most beautiful lake in Lakeland, but you can decide that for yourself.

If you are in Lakeland, you might as well spend time at the lake. That safari adventure and feeding the animals is something I would want to do, too. Enjoy your vacation to Lakeland, a relaxing city for experiencing nature and enjoying the lake and not the beach in Florida. Usually it is the beach when you’re on vacation in Florida.